Mountain High Enough

When I climb out of the shelter in the damp morning, the compass says north is to my left, downhill. I add this to my ledger: 44. N = L (down). I read yesterday’s entry: 43. N =… Read More

Insert Coin

When I open my eyes and look down, I see the compass rose on the ocean’s surface. It says north is to my left, so I’m flying from Madrid to Marseilles. I have two minutes before they start… Read More

Story Cube Stories: September 2016

The stories for September are based on this roll:                 airplane clock face compass rose diagonal arrow envelope/letter open book open hand padlock sad face The airplane took a prominent role… Read More

Field Test

The only way to get a bumblebee that follows orders is to program it yourself. So that’s what Karl did.

The House of God

Eric struggled to keep his wings from quivering. God forbid Captain Pollux think him afraid. He braced them against his thorax and focused all his eyes straight ahead, waiting for inspection.

The Only Thing to Fear

For soldiers, boring is good. A mission to invade Castle Phobos and capture Doctor Fear is not in the category of “boring.”

If I can’t go to WorldCon, at least my words can go.

WorldCon is like a hat passed around to other conventions. Actually, it’s probably a propeller beanie. But a propeller beanie with lasers that can set stuff on fire, and with great WiFi. This year, WorldCon is at MidAmeriCon… Read More

Story Cube Stories: August 2016

The Story Cubes stories for August are done. See what I rolled for this month.